1x Legendary Key

5.98 2.99 USD

Crate Keys: 1x Legendary Key

This package will credit you with 1 Legendary Key, for use at /warp crates. Legendary Keys allow you to win awesome and completely random rare prizes on OpPvP.  These keys have the highest chance to win OP Prizes including God Apples, Exclusive Perks, and Kits. 

The items you can win include:

  • Money
  • EXP
  • God Apples
  • Exclusive Kits
  • Rank Notes

And so much more! Visit the crate at /warp crates to find out specific rewards!

Usage Right Click: Walk up to the Rare Crate at /warp crates, and right click the crate with the key ready in your hand. The key will now unlock the crate.